Diversity is truly the spice of life and this is no more true than in our gardens! We know how hard it can be to find more than the basic varieties of vegetables and herbs at the big box stores. So many of these varieties are seeded in large greenhouses far away and shipped around the country. The hope is they will grow the varieties that work good enough for most people in the most place. In the end we all end up with similar gardens that don't reflect where we grow, who we are, what we love.

At Homegrown we are different! We look wide and far for a much larger group of varieties that will thrive here in Southern Westchester and New York City. Our area has a rich history of growing great gardens that dates back generations and generations. This allows us the opportunity to draw upon all the history, skill and flavor that these generations of gardeners have poured into the plants they stewarded to create fantastic heirlooms. Importantly, it also allows you access to a huge variety of veggies, herbs, and cut flowers to build you garden from!

The diversity we offer will also help your gardens grow better by encouraging biodiversity. With a wide array of different plants and varieties in our garden it become so much more difficult for pests and diseases to take over and become a problem. Our spaces can become havens for a large group of pollinators, beneficial insects and discovery. 

And variety offers us access to better taste as well. We can find that perfect variety of tomato that brings out the best in your next BBQed burger or instead the variety that makes that perfect tomato sauce to be can and saved for all year long! You can grow variety that you would never see in the grocery store or even farmers market stall! The sky's (or the garden bed's) the limit here! 

P.S. If you don't see a certain variety you are looking for just use the form here to request something special.