Broccoli, Piracicaba

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Piracicaba is named for a region just outside of Sao Paolo, Brazil where it was first developed. As a result it has been bred to handle heat especially well, making a perfect summertime broccoli! Another variety that grows many small heads over a long time, it can be harvested from all summer long!

Broccoli: An old plant that was first documented grown in Italy before the Roman empire. We mostly eat the large clusters of flowers buds and the stems. Look to grow this early in the spring or in the fall when the cool weather helps keep it from getting too bitter and the flowers from opening.

Growing Tips: Broccoli can get pretty large, so make sure to plant them a good 18 inches apart to make sure they have plenty of light as they develop. Broccoli loves well drained, fertile soil so don’t skimp on adding compost before planting time.