Cabbage, Golden Acre

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Golden Acre produces great short, round heads that mature especially early in the season. Each three pound head has a great crisp and buttery flavor. But they need to be harvested relatively quickly so I recommend planting them with a couple other varieties to make sure you have cabbages all summer long.

Cabbage: Cabbage is the same species as broccoli and kale. Probably first cultivated in Europe as early as 1000 BC, it has been an important part of people’s diets for centuries. It usually plays in a minor role in our gardens nowadays but they make a tasty, interesting and beautiful addition to the home garden and should be much more common!

Growing Tips: While most cabbages get pretty large and need a good 18 to 24 inches of space between them, some of the smaller garden varieties can be planted much closer together. Cabbages love a lot of fertility and moisture all season long, so prepare the garden with plenty of compost and consider drip irrigation to much sure they have everything they need.