Chard, Improved Rainbow

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A Swiss chard mix developed by High Mowing Seed. It tastes great as baby greens when harvested at about 6 inches tall. It also develops deeper richer, colors as it gets larger for a beautiful gratin as well as a great way to introduce a little color in the veggie garden. Continually harvest all summer long and into the early winter.

Chard: Chard is a great way to bring color and flavor into the garden! It is the same species as beets, but has been bred to grow a continuous supply of larger, more flavorful leaves rather than an edible root.

Growing Tips: Chard does a great job of handling many different soil types and even part shade. Plant transplant 6 to 12 inches apart. I like to put them at the edges of the beds to showcase their colorful stems and ensure they are accessible. Chard can be continuously harvested all season long by taking the larger leaves and keeping the youngest 4 to 5 leaves on the plant.