Cool Season Garden Gift Card

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This is a gift card for the Cool Season Garden - if you want to skip the gift and just get it for yourself consider ordering HERE

The Cool Season Garden is designed to get your garden off to a great start! Enjoy the bounty of the early spring season by planting this perfect bundle of vegetables during the first weeks of April. These vegetables are all frost-tolerant and thrive in cool weather. Included with the package is a planting guide and map, providing advice on how to space plants for the best gardening results. Its like a mini-consult included in the bundle for free!

Containing 13+ plants in total, the Cool Season Garden is perfect for a 4'x4' bed.

What's in the bundle:
- 6 lettuces
- 2 Kale
- 1 Broccoli
- 1 Cauliflower
- 1 pot of 8 Leeks
- 1 pot of 8 Yellow Onions
- 1 pot of 8 Red Onions

Order now and the Cool Season Garden will be delivered to whoever redeems this gift card in Early April.

We can promise to honor this gift card for the 3 years after the purchase date. We will do our best to grow what we list here but in future years we may need to swap out certain varieties or crops if availability changes.