Toothache Plant, Lemon Drops

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This herb is a ton of fun! The beautiful, little yellow blossom can be eaten whole to create an intoxicatingly, fizzy feeling in the mouth before it goes slightly numb. Its traditionally used as an anti-bacterial for the mouth.

Toothache Plant: These amazing little plants are sure to jazz up your garden. They make low - 18 inch tall - mound that produce tons of little thimble like yellow flowers. The flowers themselves are a decent pollinator attractor but really shine as an edible flower! The flowers make a fizzy, tingling feeling in the mouth followed by a numbing sensation - a little like a combination of Novocain and pop-rocks! They are a lot of fun but also have been used traditionally as a mild pain receiving medicine as well as for their anti-inflammatory, diuretic, and aphrodisiac effects.

Growing Tips: Plant these little mounds about 12 inches apart in bright sun and in good well drained soil. They also grow great in a 8 to 12 inch wide pot.