Bean, Panther Edamame

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These rugged 2 foot tall plants produce an ton of edamame beans! Toss them into a skillet and fry them up with a soy sauce for a great appetizer. Edamame are especially easy to grow because all the beans are all ready at once for a big harvest.

Bean: Beans are great for our bodies and great for our soils. As part of the Legume family, they form symbiotic relationships with bacteria in the soil to absorb nitrogen in the air and fix it in the soil so our plants can use it as fertilizer. Beans themselves make an amazing addition to the garden. They taste great picked fresh as young pods - making them a favorite of kids and adults alike. While many varieties can be allowed to let their pods dry on the plant and the beans saved for months.

Growing Tips: Bush beans can be planted 3 to 4 times a season, in order to have a fresh supply of new beans all season long. The best results seem to be when we plant them roughly 3 weeks apart starting in early May. Bush beans are best of planted roughly 6 to 8 inches apart.