Brussels Sprout, Long Island Improved

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Long Island Improved is a popular local variety originally introduced in the 1980s. 50-100 large dense buds develop along each stalk. These plants tends to grow about 2 feet tall making them a smaller, better choice for home gardens.

Brussels Sprout: Another variety of the same species as broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Brussels sprouts are the side buds of future leaves and stems and they taste great! Brussel sprouts are popular because how easy it is to store them in a cool dark area by harvesting the whole stalk and removing the big leaves off the side.

Growing Tips: Give brussels sprouts plenty of space by planting them a good 18 inches apart. They also want good garden soil to grow in. If growth seems slow spread compost over their roots and use a hoe to cover the compost before watering in well.