Cantaloupe, Iroquois

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First released by Dr. Henry Munger of Cornell University in 1944, Iroquois is a cantaloupe specifically adapted to the Northeast. If you haven't had success with melons in the past this might be the cantaloupe for you! It produces a couple 5 to 7 pound fruits with a thick, deep orange flesh ad really beautiful netting on its skin. A great sweet treat especially for larger garden with spare space for them to stretch out in.

Cantaloupe: Cantaloupes are an amazing, sweet melon that appears to have originate somewhere between South Asia and Africa. They can be a little difficult to grow because they love some good hot weather in order to produce well. That said if you are up for the challenge, they can be a lot of fun to grow and fresh melons from the garden are unmatched for their sweetness and flavor!

Growing Tips: Cantaloupes like well drained soil and a higher pH - closer to 7.0 - than most of our other vegetables. So either lime that portion of the garden well or fine tune a large container to help them thrive. Give them plenty of water as they start to grow and begin setting fruits.