Sage, Broadleaf

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An important part of any herb garden, these large, wide leaves have a silver sheen, and are used in everything from dressings to sauces to tea—even homemade sausages!

Sage: A great Mediterranean herb in the mint family that brings a special flavor to lamb dishes, soups, sauces and all sorts of cooking. Along with its fragrant leaves, that are deer resistant(!), sage creates some truly beautiful and tasty purple flowers that make an amazing garnish to dishes and drinks. Sage can get quite large if allowed the space - around 24 inches tall and easily three feet across. That said it is easily contained by regular pruning.

Growing Tips: Sage is another perennial herb that loves well drained soils and hot, bright sun. Don’t hesitate to put it in a large pot or a raised bed. I usually recommend planting them about 18 inches apart, but they can crowd into each other as they get quite big after a few years.