Spinach, Abundant Bloomsdale

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An improved savoy-leaf spinach. It was developed by the Organic Seed Alliance in partnership with farmers. Abundant Bloomsdale is cold tolerant, high yielding, and has beautifully attractive leaves that taste great too!

Spinach: This classic cool-weather green is a healthful and tasty addition to the home garden. Spinach loves the cooler weather, and when planted in April it is an easy addition to the garden that can be pulled to make way for cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other warm weather crops. Fresh spinach is one of those flavors that is truly a whole different thing from its grocery store counterpart!

Growing Tips: Plant spinach plugs about 6 inches apart in rich garden soils. They love the early spring and late fall for their cool weather. As the plants start to make flower spikes they tend to get tough and bitter.