Summer Squash, Yellow Crookneck

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As early as 1828 this productive squash variety was listed in North American seed catalogs. These beautiful classic-looking summer squash are best harvested when about 6 inches long while they are still young and tender. Yellow Crookneck are amazing sliced thick and fried on the grill!

Summer Squash: A true garden ‘giver’! Summer squash are super abundant low growing bushes that can give plenty over and over again during the hottest months of the year. They tend to get pretty large - 24 inches tall and 36 inches wide - so find a good open corner of the garden but they are well worth devoting the area to them.

Growing Tips: Summer Squash loves deep, rich garden soil so make sure to work in a couple scoops of compost before planting. I strongly recommend planting the seedlings into a mound of soil about 8 inches high to help the soil drain well.