Watermelon, Polish

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These Polish watermelons come passed down to us through Bryan O’Hara at Tobacco Road Farm and his Polish neighbor. Through his work at selecting the best, these absolutely wonderful open pollinated are a super sweet addition to the garden! The classic lunchbox style watermelon can run from darker to a bright green color and have vivid red flesh inside.

Watermelon: These summer treats are an awesome addition to the garden. There is nothing like their large juicy fruit to mark a summer BBQ. Watermelons grow on long vines that can spread and cover a fair amount of space, so do allow plenty of area for the vines to wander over.

Growing Tips: Watermelons like good well-drained soils. It can help to make a mound about 8 inches tall and 12 inches across to plant watermelons in and allow for extra drainage. Give plant as good 18 inches between vines.