Zucchini, Zephyr

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These super cool zukes are a mixture of bright yellow and light green! The flavor is delicate, smooth and slightly nutty. They look wonderful and are increadably prolific so eat them young or even steal a few of the blossoms to make a great stuffed flower dish!

Zucchini: A category of squash all in itself. While squashes are native to North America, the Italian took a number of summer squash and bred this great category of squashes out of them. With a firm, fresh tasting flesh, Zucchinis tend to give tons fruit all summer. I usually recommend harvesting them young and eating them often as when they get larger they can get a little starchy and tough. Don’t skip eating a couple of the blossoms as well!

Growing Tips: They can get quite large so allow for 18 to 24 inches between plants. They like well-drained soils and I tend to use a bit of light mulch around the base to maintain an even amount of moisture, especially when very young.