Cucumber, Armenian

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These crisp, thin-skinned fruits look and feel like a cucumber but are actually a species of melon. We prefer to believe that if something walks and talks like a cuke, it’s a cuke! It has a very fresh taste that is best when harvested around 12 to 15 inches long. They grow tall so be sure to have a strong trellis available to hang these big beautiful vines.

Cucumber: Cucumbers are an amazing garden staple! Whether you are adding them to salads, making soups and sauces, or just snacking on them right out of the garden, fresh cucumbers can’t be beat. While originally for East Asia they are grown around the world and have be grown as a delicacy from the Romans onwards.

Growing Tips: Cukes want warm, well drained soil and I usually recommend making a mound about 1 foot high and 18 inches across and planting two or three cukes in each mound in order to ensure the drainage needed. Use a good mulch to ensure there is consistent moisture in the soil.