Ground Cherry, Goldie

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A great ground cherry that is extremely prolific with a densely branching bush. The berries are a little smaller at 1/2 to 3/4 inches across but their flavor is unmatched!

Ground Cherry: Ground Cherries are so sweet! They are the best snack food to come of the garden and a great addition for gardens with young kids in them. Ground Cherries produce a ton of small, golden fruit that tastes reminiscent of pineapples that are each wrapped in their own paper wrapper. They are closely related to tomatillos, and are part of the ‘nightshade’ family along with tomatoes, potatoes, and eggplant.

Growing Tips: Ground cherries want to be planted in rich, fertile soil about 18 inches apart. They also like their soil to remain moist so a bit of mulch underneath the plants helps a lot as well as helping to keep the fruit that falls clean.