Foxglove, Giant Spotted

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This is a pre-order. All pre-orders will be delivered when the season is just right for them. Foxglove are planned to be delivered or available for pickup in late April or early May.

Giant Spotted Foxglove are extremely bee friendly. This plant will bloom from summer through fall with tall spikes of large, trumpet-shaped flowers. It is truly something to see and makes a wonderful cut flower to bring into the house. As a biannual, expect to see these form large rosettes of leaves this summer and a big bright flower spike next spring. It will also self seed readily, so once it has found a nice bright spot in the garden we can expect to find it year after year.

Foxglove: These amazing garden flowers make tall (4 to 5 foot) flower spikes that bring a ton of color into the garden early in the season. Foxgloves are a little special because they are a biannual meaning that it will flower in its second season. The first season it will just grow a small, green rosette of leaves and the following spring will burst forth from the garden with its tall striking flowers, before often self-seeding and starting the process over again.

Growing Tips: