Gourd, Birdhouse

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A classic gourd for arts and crafts. The gourds grow to about 24 inches tall with a large empty cavity that makes them ideal for being make into water bottles or birdhouses. Birdhouse gourds needs trellising to really thrive and their vines can reach as much as 18 feet tall!

Gourd: Gourds are a wide array of different plants that are all closely related. Most do a great job of climbing and filling out even the largest trellises. Use their fruits for everything from food to drink containers to crafts! There is no end to the creativity to which these beautify additions to the garden can provide.

Growing Tips: Give most gourds a good 8 inches of space along a tall, sturdy trellis. In general, gourd like good, rich soil and plenty of sunshine. They can often be used to create shade in the garden - even over sitting areas.