Lemon Verbena

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This is a pre-order. All pre-orders will be delivered when the season is just right for them. Lemon Verbena are planned to be delivered or available for pickup in mid-May.

Lemon Verbena is a wonderful woody herb. While it’s tender in our region, it loves our warm summers. Grow it for its fantastic, long, lemony flavored leaves that hold up great when grilled with fish or famously made into an herbal tea.

Lemon Verbena: Lemon Verbena is a beautiful, lemon flavored perennial. With a flavor that is a good deal more delicate than lemon balm, Lemon Verbena really shines in teas and soups.

Growing Tips: Lemon Verbena is a woody perennial that is well behaved. It tends to need a little care in order to over winter well. I often encourage it to be planted in larger pots that are at least 12 inches across and brought inside during the winter.