Lettuce, Tennis Ball

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A dwarf butterhead type lettuce with ruffled, sweet leaves. Tennis Ball forms a small rosette of light green, almost airy leaves. It was grown by Thomas Jefferson at Monticello in the 1800s. Like some of the other dwarf varieties, it can planted a little more closely than full sized lettuce—around 6" apart.

Lettuce: Almost synonymous with the backyard veggies garden, lettuce is a great addition to the garden beds. These low, leafy rosettes come in a couple different categories - like romaine, boston, buttercrunch, or oakleaf, - and hundreds of different varieties! They do their best in the spring and fall when the hot summer heat doesn’t tempt them to make flowers and develop a bitter flavor.

Growing Tips: Plant lettuce about 10 inches between heads (6 if they are a miniature variety) and keep them well watered. I like to put down a little straw mulch to help keep the soil moist. If they get very dry or very hot they may ‘bolt’ by trying to build a tall center stem with flowers. When they do they get more bitter so eat them quickly!