Marigold, Red Marietta

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This beautiful marigold produces a large number of 2 inch wide flowers with red petals and bright yellow edges. It helps to confound pests in the garden and makes a great companion plant to many of our vegetables.

Marigold: A garden staple and for good reason! Marigolds look great all season long. There are a couple different species, with some doing a with T. patula tending to be a little shorter and makes better low mounds that attract pollinators and deter pests. T. erecta on the other hand tend to grow a good deal tall with thicker stems, making them perfect for cut flowers and bring back into the home.

Growing Tips: Give most a good 8 inches between plants. T. patula do best around the outside of the beds where their blooms can shine. T. erecta tend to a little bed further in the bed to hide their feet. They are all remarkably rugged and can handle hot weather, dry weather and everything in between.