Sunflower, Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower)

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These large, native sunflowers have been grown in for hundreds or thousands of years. While the blooms are smaller than many modern sunflowers these plants produce and abundance of blossoms and grow a good 6 feet high and 4 feet wide! They make a great, pollinator attracting hedge or barrier. Grow them with love!

Sunflower: Sunflowers can really shine as the star of the garden! With a wide range of heights, colors, and head sizes, Sunflowers can be ideal for attracting pollinators, birds, or make fantastic cut flowers too.

Growing Tips: Depending on the final size of the sunflowers they can be planted anywhere from 4 to 12 inches apart. They don’t like too much nitrogen so don’t fertilize before planting, yet they do appreciate well-drained soils.