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Develop techniques to make your garden thrive this summer at the Lyndhurst Mansion in Tarrytown, NY! Join us this summer with Nick Storrs, an instructor at the New York Botanical Garden and owner of Homegrown Nurseries, for a 5 part, hands-on series that focuses on cultivating a great kitchen garden this season.

All classes are held from 3pm to 5pm at the Bowling Alley of the Lyndhurst Mansion, 635 South Broadway, Tarrytown NY.


April 28th - Success with Seeds!

Growing vegetables and flowers from seed is easy and inexpensive! Start seedlings in the kitchen as a fun, easy way to grow a whole garden’s worth of great produce. This workshop will cover the materials needed, where to find seeds, and how to supply water and light to your new seedlings. Participants will have an opportunity to join us in the greenhouse as we do some hands-on seeding and take home plants that we seed ourselves.

May 12th - Growing in Containers

Grow a garden in pots! Containers look great, protect your garden from deer, and can even be kept in a window. This workshop will examine  what containers are most appropriate for different sized plants and how to choose or make your own potting mix. Practice potting up plants to make your own fantastic container creations!

May 26th - Culinary Herbs in the Garden

Bring more fresh flavors and scents to your kitchen garden with herbs. We’ll cover everything from growing indoors in pots to cultivating the perfect knot garden. This workshop will get you growing your best herbs!

June 9th - Garden Trellises

Grow healthier vegetables in less space all while making our gardens more beautiful! You can make unique, attractive and useful trellises at home with many different materials. This hands-on class will include making different types of trellises and the skills to build more at home.

June 23rd - Water Works!

Learn how to design and build the perfect irrigation system for your garden.  We will walk through a number of different types of irrigation systems and how choose the best one for you. We will build a simple irrigation system together and find good sources of supplies and materials so you can make and repair your own irrigation systems at home.