We know that you need to ensure your food is grown to the most rigorous standards possible. To that effect we are proud that all of our transplants are certified organic by the Northeast Organic Farming Association of New York (NOFA NY)

Organic certification means that we have an independent party (often another farmer who understands the type of agriculture we practice and knows the right questions to ask) come to inspect the Pottingsheds to make sure that we are 'walking the walk'.  Certification also ensures that we maintain meticulous records of how our plants and grown and what, if anything we use to control pests, weeds and other problems. 

We are lucky enough that we are happy to treat the rules of organic certification as merely a baseline that we surpass year after year. We choose to only control insect pests through the release and cultivation of beneficial insects who eat out pests and rely on the natural nutrition that is in our premium, compost filled potting mix (no weekly spraying regime for us!). 

This way we can grow plants that are the absolute best for our environment, the communities that live and maybe most importantly the best for your garden!