Weekly Garden Maintenance

Garden Maintenance

The cream of the crop! Do you want the garden of your dreams yet struggle to find the time to reliably keep it up? Many of the other landscaping companies available are great at "mowing and blowing" but struggle with the subtleties of maintaining a vegetable and flower garden.

Get help maintaining and cultivating your kitchen garden this season. Every week I will come to your garden and help you make your garden perform at it's best so that you can focus on enjoying your garden and its bounty! 

We do everything from assisting you with the garden chores to building raised beds and trellises to our full service - leaving a basket of freshly harvested vegetables on the doorstep each week.

Use the contact form on the left and we'll arrange a time when we can look at your garden together and form a plan. 

Please use the contact form below to arrange a garden visit to discuss your goals and how we can help.