Soil Evaluation and Recommendation

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Feed the foundation of your garden! 

Have you been planting your garden year after year but starting to see things struggle as time goes on? Are you starting out with a garden but are unsure if your vegetables are getting all the food they need to thrive? 

Healthy soil will lead to larger, happier and more nutrient dense vegetables. Soils that have had care given to their physical, chemical and biological components are a joy to grow in! Your soil can also hold moisture well, be rich with nutrients and living things, as well as smell great. Most importantly your healthy soils will make it easier to grow all your favorite vegetables!  

I will help to evaluate the soil’s current properties so that we can bring them back into a balance that will support your best garden possible! You’ll get a detailed view of the current makeup of your garden as well as specific recommendations for how to improve the soil going forward from soil amendments to gardening practices.  

Once you’ve placed your order, we will work together to find the best time to observe your garden conditions and take a soil sample that will help us make the most accurate recommendations possible.