Yarrow, White

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This beautiful herb boasts dense clusters of white flowers with fine-feathered leaves. But it also stands out as a valuable medicinal herb. It is used in teas or steamed like spinach to make an astringent, among many other uses. It tolerates heat and drought well, making it an easy plant to grow, but keep an eye out for its tendency to spread.

Yarrow: Yarrow a beautiful, medicinal flower with tall umbrella like blossoms. Yarrow acts as a powerful pollinator and beneficial insect attractor and deserves a space in the garden just that. That said, Yarrow is a perennial that will easily overwinter in the garden here near NYC. It tends to spread, so either give it a space to grow into or a nice sized pot to fill out. Yarrow is very maintenance plant so once its settled in just enjoy it for years to come.

Growing Tips: Give Yarrow plenty of sun and a good 12 to 24 inches of space to allow them spread into.