Pak Choi, Tatsoi

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One of my personal favorite Asian greens. Tatsoi is a dwarf open-headed pac choi with delightfully, pepper flavored, dark green scalloped-shaped leaves. Eat it young in salads or stir fry it as it gets a little older.

Pak Choi: An excellent, peppery green from East Asian. Pak Choi (or Pac Choi) form little rosettes of leaves that can be eaten fresh or steamed and stir fried. There are tons of different types of Pac Chois all with different looks, textures and tastes to them. If you haven’t including them in your cooking yet, there is a whole world awaiting you!

Growing Tips: Plant Pac Choi about 6 to 10 inches apart. They can be on the tighter end if you want to harvest them as a baby green or further apart to harvest larger full head.