Strawberry, Seascape and Albion Mix

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This combination of two of my favorite favorites ensure that you will have a long harvest of fantastic fruit all summer. Albion: These big conical strawberries are a true classic. As a ‘day-neutral’ strawberry they produce tons of berries in June and another flush later in September. They are sure to be hit as a classic fresh addition to your snacks! Seascape: This 30 year old variety has been loved for its large firm flavorful berries ever since it was first bred alone the California coast. The do especially well here in the summers and fall and are often voted best flavor. Perfect for chocolate covered strawberries!

Strawberry: Nothing beats a fresh, juicy strawberry for that true feeling of summer in a bite! They are a great low growing bush that produce tons of bright red fruit. Tuck their runners back into line in order to get more and more strawberries from year to year. They are loved by other creatures as well as us, so make sure to protect them from squirrels and deer to ensure your harvest.

Growing Tips: Plant strawberries a good 12 inches apart in order to allow them develop to their full size. They love good, rich soils so work some compost into the beds before planting. And plan on fertilizing hanging baskets every two to three weeks or so after the first autumn.