Herb Garden

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A great way to get into gardening! Kick off a diverse herb garden with these easy to maintain (and mostly perennial) herbs. Get a diverse range of fresh organic flavors that can be thrown directly into almost any dish. Great for a patio or window boxes, many of these (Thyme, oregano, rosemary and chives) can also be brought inside during the winter in order to enjoy their abundance all year round! 

Included with the package is a planting guide and map, providing advice on how to space plants for the best gardening results. Its like a mini-consult included in the bundle for free!

Containing 10 plants in total, the Herb Garden will be just right for a 3'x3' bed.

What's in the bundle:
- 2 Rosemary
- 1 Thyme
- 2 Parsley
- 1 Oregano
- 1 Sorrel
- 2 Chives
- 1 Sage

Order now and the Herb Garden will be delivered in April as soon as the plants will do their best outdoors. 

We'll honor this gift card for up to 3 years from purchase - we'll do our best to keep the same variety of crops, though availability might change down the line.