We are here to help you be a great gardener! It makes no difference if you are planting your first batch of Mojito Mint or are a seasoned veteran. Develop as a gardener by growing new varieties or carry on a tradition with an old reliable one. We can help by offering a wide variety of the finest quality heirloom and open pollinated transplants. Find us at Lyndhurst's Potting Sheds in Tarrytown, NY or at Farmers' Markets in New York City and the lower Hudson Valley.


close up of red nasturtiums growing in a raised bed


We recognize that the soil is fundamental to the sustainability of our transplants as well as your garden beds. Our transplants are grown in the highest quality organic compost based potting soils. This soil is alive with its own thriving ecosystem of healthy microbes. With a little care, that ecosystem will help us produce sustainable, beautiful produce for friends and families. We cultivate the soil in the nursery so you can in the garden.

Improve the sustainability of you garden by growing a wide range of vegetables and flowers. Grow heirloom and open pollinated varieties and increase the biodiversity of our food system. The world of gardening is special because even though we are in danger of losing some amazing varieties of vegetables, the solution is easy, fun, and tastes great! In order to save it, you need to eat it! By growing a heirloom or open pollinated seeds you help save those special varieties for generations to come.


William Woys Weaver, one of our great seed savers, once said:

"Once you learn what's truly available out there in the world to eat. The limits of our grocery stores are really frightening. There is so much possibility open to us and one way to tap into that it is through the tradition of a kitchen or community garden. "
Cabbage head in planter


Our gardens to be nourish both body and soul. They provide us a place to get outside and active, along with a space to unplug and enjoy a moment of mental calm.

Furthermore a diverse garden helps us nourish a deeper connection with our culture and discover others. Many of these heirloom varieties have been an integral aspect of food culture around the world. Celebrate your heritage by growing a truly Dutch cabbage, or Dominican pigeon peas and partaking in the meals that it was originally grown for. We can bring our own heritage to our tables along with the food it inspires.

We can also use the opportunity to connect to other cultures in a visceral and engaging way. A fried eggplant dish made with Turkish eggplants, has a unique flavor that can help you experience that culture in a truly visceral way. The key to that authentic Thai dish you had on your last vacation, just might be the Mei Qing pac Choi that you can now grow in your own backyard. Even better when we share those dishes with our friends and community we solidify bonds with the people around us. A diverse and beautiful garden helps us support and build a nourishing culture in ways that we may never have thought possible.


Squash growing on vine 

We also want our gardens to taste great! Come and grow something new that you might never find in a grocery store or even the farmer's market.

Great flavor encourages us to eat more vegetables along with whole unprocessed foods. More variety in our gardens inspire new healthy recipes based on real food. Different varieties can also help to make our favorite dishes even better. We can find the perfect variety of cauliflower for the best cheesy cauliflower party dip, or that special type of carrot that brings the most flavor to your wintertime soup! Homegrown Nurseries can help you find that perfect variety to add to your pot.

We can grow vegetables that have been bred for nothing but the best flavor, best textures, and best colors. Bring flavors from around the world to our table or find something that no one else has access to. Imagine drinks with friends with a unique mint or yellow celery garnish that no one has seen before.

Grow something that you never have before - explore, experiment, and enjoy vegetables that you have never seen in your garden before.

Check out our list of transplants here!