Arugula, Astro

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Astro adds a great *pop* to salads, burgers, and is an important flavor in classical French dishes. Its wider, tender leaves and milder flavor make it the most popular variety of arugula. Harvest it as a baby leaf for a milder flavor or wait until its larger for a more robust leaf and more flavor.

Arugula: This fast growing leafy green loves the cool spring and fall. It’s history stretches back to Roman times. You might also be familiar with it as "Rocket" which comes from the Northern Italian 'ruchetta' via France and England. By whichever name you call it, it features a great peppery flavor that is milder when the leaves are harvest young.

Growing Tips: Look to grow these guys primarily in the spring and fall when the temperatures are a little bit cooler. Plant cells 4 to 6 inches apart. Feel free to harvest them two or three times. Just cut the leaves off about 2 inches above the base and it will regrow.