Eggplant, Little Finger

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These petite, 4 to 6 inch long eggplants have a thin, dark purple skin that makes them perfect for grilling. They have very few seeds and a sweet flesh. The plant's smaller size makes it a great option for containers too! We also tend to get a lot of fruit from these guys, so harvest them early and often.

Eggplant: Eggplants are a fantastic garden staple, with varieties from all over the world! Eggplants love our warmer summer and thrive when its hot.

Growing Tips: Eggplants like fertile, well drained soil so don’t skimp on the compost before it comes time to plant. Give eggplants a good 18 inches of space between them as the plants can get quit large. Eggplants also benefit from staking to help them support the large fruits they will make later in the season.