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Garden Education

Gardening education tailored for you!

Gardening is one of those wonderful activities where it takes only minutes to learn but a lifetime to master. We all feel like we don't have enough time or space to get the most from our garden, and when we look at everything that is available to us - it can be easy to be overwhelmed. We can help you improve your skills in the garden through tailored, individual or group lessons that will get you up and out in your garden so as to make the most of it! From basic planting and harvesting skills to perfecting the best tomatoes on the block, we can help you achieve your gardening goals! 

Nick Storrs has been an instructor in the Adult Education Department at the New York Botanical Garden for over 5 years and has designed and led a educational garden for grade school age children, so he is ready help you and your family of any age engage and fall in love with their garden. 

Work with nature to grow a great garden using organic and regenerative principles, grounded in the creation of healthy soils which will nourish and produce premium veggies. 

Our education can be tailored to your needs either as

  • an individual experience for you and your family, 
  • a bonding experience for your whole community garden
  • or join us for a group experience by looking at Workshop page to see when you can catch us next!


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