Kale, Lacinato

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Also called dinosaur kale—and for good reason. These long strappy leaves look like they're right out of a Jurassic Park movie. Lacinato is an old Italian heirloom that is famous for its flavor and texture, especially after a good frost. It is a very cold hardy and can be harvested for much of the winter with little protection, yet also handles the summer heat.

Kale: A staple of the healthy garden. Kale is of the same species of as cabbages, brussels sprouts and cauliflower.

Growing Tips: Plant kale at least 10 inches apart in order to give it space to grow and consider planting more like 18 for the largest varieties. Harvest the largest leaves off the side and keep at least 4 to 5 small leaves on the crown to allow it to keep growing and provide kale all season long.