Onion, Walla Walla

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The sweetest onion we offer! Wonderful large, golden skinned, white bulbs that are sweet and mild enough to eat like apple. They don't store well but are ready by early August and add the extra something special to a summer burger.

Onion: Important in any veggie garden! These guys can be planted early, early in the season and will start waking up the soil ecology long before our tomatoes are ready to set out. Fresh Onions are great for us and have a flavor that is unrivaled at the grocery store! If you plant too many just eat the extras as green onions in the late spring.

Growing Tips: Onions can be planted every 4 inches as long as rows are given a good foot of space. They like fertile soils so incorporate plenty of compost before planting them out early in the season. You know they are all ready to harvest when their tops start to dry out and flop over - usually in August.