Oregano, Greek

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No kitchen or kitchen garden is complete without some oregano standing by! So many of our favorite dishes depend upon this versatile herb. The Greek varieties will spread quickly, making them a fantastic addition to pots—either out in the garden, up near the kitchen door, or right in the house.

Oregano: A truly classic herb, Oregano should be in every kitchen and every garden. It’s easy to grow in pots or garden beds, and has been featured in garden across Eurasia and the Mediterranean for thousands of years. It tends to become a little more flavorful when dried instead of fresh, so don’t feel shy about hanging some in a cool, dark spot in the kitchen to get the most out of it.

Growing Tips: Oregano is pretty forgiving and will do almost as well in a wide range of conditions including soils with a high pH. It does like dry sunny locations best so save your compost and mulch for the tomatoes. Plant Oregano 12 inches apart for good full stands.