Celery, Tango

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Tango is famous for its great flavor and less fibrous stalks. This celery is fantastic for soups as well as eating straight. It does better than most in the summer heat but still appreciates a little summer shade. Celery can be a little fussy, as it wants consistent moisture in the soils. It thrives with some fine mulch and drip irrigation keeping its feet cool.

Celery: Originally from the Mediterranean, celery is almost unrivaled for its salty flavor. This is one of those veggies where if you haven’t tasted fresh out of the garden, you haven’t tasted the real thing. Celery is great for the digestive and circulatory system.

Growing Tips: Celery really needs nice fertile soils so don’t skimp on incorporating a good layer of compost in to the garden bed before planting. It also needs to stay moist all season long in order to grow well. A light mulch like straw helps a lot as well as regular drip irrigation.