Collards, Champion

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Champion has dark, blue-green foliage that does well in the summer heat but has a mild flavor that is made all the sweeter by some cool weather. Its large very round leaves work great steamed, braised or used a wrap for healthful, carb-free sandwiches.

Collards: Collards are the same species as broccoli, kale, and brussels sprouts but have been bred for their large, tender leaves and can withstand summer heat. They are a great, easy addition to the garden and provide continuous supply of large leaves. Collards have been an important part of Southern cooking for centuries, and taste great steamed or made into healful wraps.

Growing Tips: Collards need a healthy dose of space so plan for a good 18 inches or so. Before they get that large you can easily harvest a round of radishes or baby lettuce green so don’t be shy about interplanting with something that is ready to harvest quickly.