Hot Pepper, Aji Dulce

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One of my personal favorites hot pepper. It isn't the spiciest by any measure but packs a ton of warm flavors in its little red, wrinkly package! I've always found them best roasted or scalded to bring out the flavors and added to hot sauces or infused in olive oil for that extra special something all year long!

Hot Pepper: As group of veggies with tons and tons of variety, there is a pepper for everyone out there. Hot pepper’s heat come from a chemical they produce called capsaicin. Even when they turn out to be too spicy to eat, I love to use the peppers to make a hot oil that can deter pests like squirrels.

Growing Tips: Hot peppers love sun and heat! They do great all summer long in a greenhouse as well as in the garden. Give peppers plenty of fertility and at least 12 inches between plants.