Mint, Julip

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This stiffer more upright mint shines as a garnish for deserts or drinks. Classically used as the flavor for Mint Julips—it is packed with great flavor. Like many other mints it can be pretty aggressive in the garden and will spread. I recommend either planting it in its own container or bury its pot right in the ground to help contain it.

Mint: The guaranteed success story! Mint is a great addition to the herb garden bringing a great fresh flavor to the garden along with tons of pollinators and insects. It can handle all sorts of conditions and even if it looks like it has died back a good deal just soak its root and watch it spring back! It can be a bit pushy in the garden so I tend to recommend that it be grown in containers instead of the garden beds themselves.

Growing Tips: Plant multiple plants around 6 to 8 inches apart in order to quickly develop a good stand. Keep them moist, especially as things get hot in July and August for full season production. Harvest by cutting off whole springs about 2 inches above the soil surface to allow it to resprout.