Okra, Clemson Spineless

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The standard variety of the South! Clemson Spineless was on the All American Selections list as early as 1939. Light green 5-8 pointed pods. This okra doesn't have the same irritating hairs that others do. The cream-colored flowers are also edible and can be stuffed!

Okra: A true southern favorite! This amazing, tall (up to 6 feet tall!) beautiful plants add an amazing look to the garden as well as tons of tasty pods right through the late summer heat. They sport beautiful, hibiscus flowers all summer long. While some find the pods a little slimy (the same texture that gives authentic gumbo it ‘something special’) I love to snack on them when they are super small right in the garden.

Growing Tips: Give these guys plenty of space - 2 feet at least between plants, but certainly allow cucumbers, melons, or squash to roam around underneath them. They like the hot weather and compost rich soil. But do give them water all season long to make sure as not to stall their growth in our August droughts.