Tomatillo, Toma Verde

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The bright green tomatillos form the basis of any good salsa verde. These prolific bushes thrive in the garden bed or in a large pot, but love when they can be placed out in the heat and sunlight. Toma Verde are so sweet that we often eat them straight off the plant!

Tomatillo: These great, bushy veggies are close relatives of tomatoes and peppers, and are originally from the Americas. Their sweet and tangy fruit come tucked away in a papery covering. You know they’re ripe when they burst of their packages. Classically used in green salsas they also taste great with fish and in crab cakes.

Growing Tips: Tomatillo can get pretty big and bushy if you don’t prune them so give them a nice large 18 inch pot or 2 feet of garden space. Just a note when, in order to get pollinated and set fruits there needs to be at least 2 plants in the garden.