Tomato, Striped German

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These big(!) beautiful, irregularly-colored fruits have yellows, oranges and reds running throughout their beautiful fleshy interiors. They produce large 1 to 2.5 lbs, slicing tomatoes that are always impressive. An absolutely classic heirloom tomato!

Tomato: Truly a classic garden vegetable! There is nothing like a fresh, vine-ripened garden tomato. Tomatoes are a native to North America but have woven themselves throughout western cuisine. There are varieties specialized for almost any use you can have of them. From cherries to plum to sauce to slicing to beefsteak tomatoes there is a tomato that is right for you!

Growing Tips: Tomatoes can get quite large so give them a good 24 inches of space in the garden in order to make sure they enough light and air flow around them to stay healthy. They also like a good strong trellis to support the plant and help give them that light and air flow as well as keep their fruit clean. Tomatoes are also good feeders. Give them a healthy dose of compost before planting and nice deep mulch at planting.